tiistai 2. marraskuuta 2010

Sort of inspirational...
pee on the couch (yak!)
Uuupps, she did it again!
yeah, this ugly black duckling:)
she´s not allowed to be on the couch during the day
but who´s watching after her by night?
...this is a custom lidded box ...I can see it with my inner eyes:):
white leather couch
tiny yellowish "pond"
confused doggies:
"Ya know how to use this stuff?" " No. " "OMG, she´ll kill us I tell ya!"
"It´s your fault! We are soon all homeless because of you!"
"Sorry, my delicate butt is freezing out on the floor, I must sleep on the couch..."

...Ok let me guess ...a UFO ?


these are BIG votive holders!!!
(no idea why I make new stuff in odd numbers
like 3,5 or 7...weird)
Construction of a double-walled bowl takes ages
so every single votive land will cost a fortune!
Maybe I can keep all of them for myself! LOL
Here´s a little something from leftover clay:
...lidded trinket box with tiny flower cottage

Tiny farm houses waiting for glazing
please come over and help me out! :)

xx: Sissy

1 kommentti:

  1. Oh "Black Baby" you look so comfortable, don't move !
    If I saw a dog being on the couch ? No,I don't !
    (Sissy, I can't wait to see the votive holders, what a great idea !)
    And really no, I have no idea where "Black Baby" could be !!