lauantai 30. lokakuuta 2010

Do I look like a SECOND to you?!:)

Babe, you´re first class! I meant the lid you are sitting on...
same to you Mr. Retriever: please don´t take it personally
I´m sure someone will adopt you too...

Poor naked buddies:)
someone should glaze them but please tell me WHEN?

He´s the smallest standing pup so far:
only 14mm long and will shrink more!!!

A pair of wearable farmhouses...
earrings? charms? no idea yet

Love my new white glaze: it´s smooth as silk and so delicate!

I´m very pleased with this tiny bowl, must make more !!!
Tell me WHEN?

This one is reserved (yes for you R.!:)
I have a feeling that
must make more !!!:) Tell me WHEN?
Time is my worst enemy:
I got just under 3 weeks to my biggest show in Tampere...
xx Sissy

4 kommenttia:

  1. Beautiful pieces. Love the expression on the face of the dog sat on the blue lid.

  2. Oh no, don't worry at all, you don't ! What about living in France ? I already love you !

  3. OK, who´d like to adopt ME to a much warmer place? Being almost 40 I´m a "second" :) already and I can practise that guilty look in front of the mirror! LOL ( but I doubt my butt fits on a small lid so that´s that...)

  4. you make the best stuff! Eventually I'm gonna blog about your goodies... I've just been sooo lazy lately all I do is read other peoples blog!