tiistai 9. marraskuuta 2010

Pottery Genetics:)
what do you get when you breed tiny houses...

...with a colorful spaceship ?
Votive holder! Ta-daa!

I´m in love again !!!
These are the first 2 test pieces
(and I got 22 etched UFOs on my shelf)
I´ll certainly dreaming about these tonight:)

Almost perfect...
but I have to put more glaze to fill the "lake".
These were made from low-fire clay so I cannot use recycled glass as it doesn´t melt perfectly
so I made some "fake glass" :) and fired to different temperatures:

These are my fav 6:
same glaze formula with different amount of oxides and colorants
on porcelain, white stoneware and buff stoneware

Crystalline glaze tests: some of them are from Cerama factory
and some of them are self-made
Earthy glazes for new MyLand projects...

You know, when you do ceramics you´re just never "ready"
there´s always something new and exciting to learn or try out

It´s a lifetime long addiction:):)

your: Ceramic Junky Sissy:)

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  1. Ahhh... Sissy's Magic Factory, where science and art meet, shake hands, and fall in love. May they remain together so those of us who love the results will always have access to our little Elukka treasures. :-)


  2. Λl[i:]sΛ

    if I´ll ever need a proper "artist´s statement" in English I hope you´ll write a good one for me:)

  3. Hmm..I love quite all the glazes !! Wonderful tests !

  4. Hi!
    Your work is ADORABLE!! Just saw it in Etsy and felt in love with your tiny houses and critters! Hugs!

  5. Wonderful - turquoise is my favorite color!