lauantai 2. maaliskuuta 2013

Dear YOU

I guess you want to see the new MyLand puzzles? 
Sorry but we have to wait till Sunday morning :)
The delay is completely my fault 
I´m trying to take care of myself so I finally went to see the doctor
and now I´m on some kind of allergy medication for the next 4 weeks
This should help to get rid of the chronic cough
He said that I probably allergic to something ( dust? dogs?  life?:)
so without proper medication
 I´ll never completely recover of 3 different virus infections 
I´m a bit tired all the time
this side effect should end within a couple of days

For split seconds I can sing like goddess Amanda Lear:) but unfortunately my
sexy low voice disappears very soon  
the doc said speaking ( even whispering or swearing out loud:) is a no-no for at least a week
RIGHT! should not be too hard for a very talkative Hungarian ??! 

see you on Sunday morning
xx Sissy

PS : oh how I loved it back in the 80´s :)
" zou fallou mii züzt fallou mii..." ha-ha!

2 kommenttia:

  1. Take care....toes crossed that all is well soon. Listen to your doctor!

  2. he´s probably right, my throat is much better after 2 days of son and hubby look much happier :)