perjantai 1. helmikuuta 2013

Hi guys!
After that “crazy cow” incident last week, I received SO many supporting mails of friends, potters, customers, bloggers…I did not know that so many people actually cared about me and my well being!

This stupid greedy thing is deleted from the PC, deleted from my brains, it is now dead and buried.

Maybe it was a good thing after all. It made me stick even harder to my new work routine, started on January 2nd. You know, last year I did ridiculously long days in the studio and at home also. Easily up to 12-16 hours. I kept forgetting that taking care of my ETSY shop is “work” too…taking and editing hundreds of product photos, listing during the wee hours, packaging and shipping etc. I did all that after a full day in the studio…and I was wondering from September till December: why I am so tired and ill all the time? Finally during Christmas ETSY/studio shop/fair/custom order madness I forced myself to clear my head and then I made a new schedule and business plan for 2013. Here are the basics:

max. 5-6 hours studio work (usually from 8 am to 14pm)
warm meal at home ( while watching missed TV shows...from the couch…with my dogs :)
chat with my son - watching him eat and falling in love daily :) - checking his homeworks
stretching ( at least 15 minutes)
ETSY– packaging – photo editing ( every other day)
coffee break
cooking – cleaning etc.
family time and/or evening activity ( Taekwondo / power stick class for my back)
ETSY listings – max. 3 times a week
reading or watching movies

Zero craft fairs. The studio is open for the public in the summer only. ETSY purchases will ship within 1-2 business days, not the same day. No studio work on smoke firing days. No work on the weekends.

Dead simple, isn´t it? I can feel so much healthier, my head is full with new ideas and I sold tons of stuff in January…with less effort.

I want to thank Tracey for reminding me of the Lark book entry (Showcase 1000 Beads). I applied twice before in different subjects, but never made it. Probably never will! I just love the feeling that my stuff is being juried :)…This time I was really taking attention on the resolution and image size guidelines.

this is the best house bead photo EVER
you can almost feel the silkiness of the matte glaze combo
the bunny photo was taken outdoors and
it´s a bit glary...out of approx. 30 shots this is the least glary...
and he is just too cute to pass :)
4 layers of glazes was applied to these beads
(before and in between firings)
love how these came out!
I sold this bird bead last year
the photo will not make it to the book
because of the moss:
the backround should be plain grey or black...
but who cares :)

So if you may please keep your fingers crossed for me...
until June !
I ADORE Lark books
and maybe on one beautiful day I´ll be finally accepted:) this life or in the next one!

cheers: Sissy

2 kommenttia:

  1. Good for you for making time for yourself and family, etsy will be long forgotten and your family will still be with you! I made it into the 500 raku book, if I got in you should make it with these very sweet beads, good luck!

  2. oh I MUST order the raku book ! I can tell everyone that I couldn´t make it but I know someone who did...:)it´s the next best thing... congrats!!!