lauantai 4. elokuuta 2012

Slab roller

...because I´m worth it!!! :)
this is my fifth year in the pottery business
and I was dreaming about this " toy " 
all the time

now I got it ! 

since everything is super expensive in Finland
I had to spend a small fortune on this

but my body was crying out for HELP !
(especially my lower back)

This beauty will kindly make
up to approx.70 cm / 28 in. wide slabs
in the desired thickness

I can see plates and more plates, platters, houses, globes, trays...YEAH!!!

I call her Lady Gladys because obviously I´m so glad about her
she´s in several boxes right now
but soon she´ll be whole again...

Monday is my first "real" workday for about a month
***can´t wait***

(((hugs))) Sissy 

4 kommenttia:

  1. I am very pleased with you and every good wish for the coming years;-). All the best, mnustwa marvelous creativity and ideas. I send kisses hot, Gregory.

  2. My life changed when I got my slab roller! and my work got better :) congrats to you!!

  3. Kirjoittaja on poistanut tämän kommentin.

    1. Thanks Gregorius:)
      Tracey - mmm...better life for a little money...sounds like a good deal:)