sunnuntai 15. elokuuta 2010

MakingWallDoggies... my new obsession - the process is quite similar like making vases:

-rolling a cylinder to even thickness
- adding bottom
- cutting and cleaning the hole
- adding a brainless head or a head full with animal thoughts:)
- adding "accessoires" or etching the piece

The whole process is so much shorter while doing wall doggies...and I´m a very, very unpatient woman!

...running in high grass...bassett on the move...winter outfit...dive-dive-dive... spring...ballet dancer...

...flower power...maestro mutt...king of the bones...

yeah, I LOVE to make these!

xx: Sissy

5 kommenttia:

  1. I can't wait to see all those doggies finished !

  2. How beautiful! I want to feature your cute little houses on my blog. Is that OK? I saw them on your etsy store.

    I have just joined your blog. I hope you can stop by my blog and please feel free to join.

  3. I have always liked your little houses, but your stoneware rings are just fabulous


  4. All ur dogs are lovely!

    says marjaterttu

  5. Such whimsical beauty! I love your work!