tiistai 10. elokuuta 2010

Lazy blogger...busy potter...

Meet some of my new friends:

...and their friends:

...and here´s a few more:

During the last 8 days I was sculpting like a lunatic !

I made:

34 vases (19 whites + 15 browns)

21 sitting bone chasers - like these:

8 bird pendants

19 wal(l)kers like these:

Tomorrow is "wall ball" day , yay!

Weather is sooooo rainy...poor buddies ...drying takes ages...

hugs: Sissy

2 kommenttia:

  1. I just saw Your Etsyshop and I am totaly inlove with Your work. I bought one little house but Your doggies are also wonderful.
    I got a smile on my face watching al Your stuff.

    With love, Els