tiistai 27. huhtikuuta 2010

Doggies and more doggies...
it was a busy, busy day...I ´ve focused on 3 bigger customs in the last 2 weeks and now I have this feeling that I´m soon out of doggies:) yeah, my Etsy shop desperately needs more dog themed stuff, so ready, set, go!!!
Yesterday I wedged about 7-8 kg of buff stoneware clay and today I´ll transform these chunky sausages to vases and wall tiles. I´m not in the mood of careful slabbing so I´ll roll cylinders and then alter the shape... but one day I´ll buy a funky SLAB ROLLER to do the hardest work for me!!!...

13.30 pm:

In the back rows you can probably recognize the basic shape of my ho(w)ly dog vases ...and meet my newest buddies for the wall...hmmm...they look quite brainless to me:)

I´ll soon attach the stiffed bottom slabs...right after my coffee break (2 sugar, milk and a giant cheese and cucumber sandwich...yammy)


4 trays filled with vases and tiles I´ll add the heads tomorrow
Today I finished these two:

"Born to be wild" and "Bad hair day"

Now someone should clean up the battlefield...

...and wash my silent colleagues. I cannot live without them:


2 kommenttia:

  1. Always a pleasure to see your work in progress !
    And yes we need doggies !

  2. I just adore the appearance of greenware! Whether it's someone else's or my own :D Thanks for the yummy eye candy :D!
    I finally got a slab roller a couple years ago and it's the hardest working piece of equipment in my studio --- I absolutely love it! You'll be thrilled when you get one, I'm sure :D