perjantai 26. maaliskuuta 2010

It´s tile-time!

Test tile (sold)
- it´s on the way to Florida ( instead of me, but I didn´t fit into the mailer:)
As much I like to make useful artsy items I´m also very fond of tiles. However, I HATE that clay has better memory than mine and I HATE that it can warp during firings if I didn´t treat it well...and everybody knows that I´m a real clay torturer:) I love to smash it to the table, throw it multiply times, tear it to "carefully measured" (ha-ha-ha) parts and look what kind of creature wants to come alive from THIS lump of clay...this is how I make my art, how clay "distills" my frustration, my joy and millions of other feelings and let me do whatever I want to do. It lets me create my own imaginary world full with things I love and cherish: ugly mutts with beautiful heart, MyLand puzzles to heel my home sick back to Hungary, imaginary gardens to belive that summer will eventually arrive !

MyGarden - small stoneware bowl
with fused recycled glass

So from now on I´ll make only "my kind of tiles" - so long careful slabbing, cutting or slow drying and welcome tearing, stretching and warping!

Side-view of puffy 3D tiles made from smooth off-white stoneware clay

High hills, small cottages, trees, patchwork ...(anyone surprised?:)

Low-tech texturing with toothpicks, wooden grill sticks and other "tools"...the hill flower will be glued on common rusty wire.

I can´t wait to glaze these cuties...

xo: Szilvia

2 kommenttia:

  1. I wish I bought "my garden" bowl !! I'm amazed at your inspiration. Thanks for sharing your work in progress. Can't wait to see the 3D tiles finished !

  2. Szilvia, these are so beautiful! I'm excited to see how that tree turns out!!! I love seeing your work before it's fired because it's like a magical transformation!!!! I love it!