tiistai 30. maaliskuuta 2010


I opened the kiln at 1 pm...no breakage, no cracks, no warping - yay! These cuties are now ready for colouring with stains, porcelain slips and glazes.

"I hate this hat"..."WOW cool sunglasses"...

"I wanted longer tail!"..."I hate stripes, WANT POLKA DOTS!!!"


sigh...relax doggies, I don´t have time for this...now off you go and jump to the stain bath!

"I love being muddy" ... "Oh NO! You promised me white fur! Wash it off!!!"

Oh, you´re all so handsome. Try to stay on the newspaper all night, ok? It will help you to dry out evenly. One more thing for your little grey cells: try to figure out what is you fav colour and tomorrow I´ll interview all of you one-by-one, promise! So long buddies!


Now I have to wash the tiles and little bowls. It´s not my favorite part of the process...

...6 pm...gosh, my back hurts! I´m ready to go home.

xo: Szilvia

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  1. Hello boys ! You make me smile !
    But try not to speak all together, we don't undestand what you say and your mum won't know what to do !!!