torstai 7. tammikuuta 2010

It´s sooooooooo cold outside that I would like to sleep the winter away...

Like this:

...or this...

or in good company:

B U T: no time to sleep! Sweet holidays are over and I´m back to work. Today I´ve menaged to fill the kiln with greenware , so hopefully I´ve got "something" to list to my Etsy shop on this Sunday . My head is full with new plans for 2010- I also promised myself to save my energy and being "logical" in work...and , yeah, sell a little more than last year. Making art is so much fun, but so is having $$$$$$$$ or EUR on my account:)
Offering more "useful" but still artistic stuff sounds good enough to me - so last week I made a few plaster molds and today I tried out my new porcelain slip ( home made:) with great success. This is my very first attempt being a "material girl":) I´m planning to slipcast my tumblers and wall plaques in vitrious porcelain - instead of hand building. I love to sculpt unique stuff - sculptures etc. - but tumblers and tiles are just the base for artwork. Like white canvas, only in clay...I hope slip casting saves time and let me concentrate to what I really like: etching and glazing.

Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR for everyone!
xo: Szilvia

Naughty boy...

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