perjantai 11. joulukuuta 2009

I see houses everywhere...when I´m driving the car, in the movies, even in my dreams, everywhere.

And then my hands form what I saw - cottages, farmhouses, beautiful, rustic wood houses. And then I must make them smaller and smaller every time, alldo making these tiny sculptures takes almost the same amount of time as working on the bigger ones. Especially glazing is very time consuming and I really need to buy a crafter´s magnifier glass with inserted light or else one day my eyes will fall off...LOL

Winter in Wonderland

The last two weeks I made house pendants, house ornaments and pendants with their own "hill" rest - miniature pendant holder... ( no photo taken yet)...and I´ve already sold MANY of them! Yeah! Feels great to "find out" what makes other peoples happy while enjoying the making process so very much.

Cottage in Pine Forest

Here we go...this is my newest addiction - hi, I´m Szilvia and I´m a house-a-holic ...:) First the minipups and now these tiny houses...what next? I´m thinking about lighthouses, boats, landscapes including all of these and shrinking, shrinking and more shrinking:) ...maybe a nice wizard will shrink my chunky-clumsy fingers also!

Tiny house pendants

Otherwise Christmas rush is ON - 8 of my custom sculptures are undone yet, but at least they are almost all in the drying stage. Next week I´ll fire every other day and glaze between firings. My electric kiln is only 2 years old and fired almost 200 times ( half low- half high firings) soon it has to be "mend" and change the wires - those cost almost 300 euros, gosh!

Pici beside the warm kiln - he´s meditating, or guarding that juicy can see the reflection of my black bitch also:)

XO: Szilvia

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