sunnuntai 18. lokakuuta 2009

Ready to work...

with my artsy right hand could easily think that I´m a huge Michael Jackson fan ( Ok, I still love the Thriller-clip:) The healing process is very slow on my burnt thumb and my fingerprint is surely changing...sorry FBI folks, you will never find me anymore:)

This week I really have to start making doggie stuff for the Tampere Art Fair 13-15.11.2009. This is my best selling show ( and the only one this year) so have to be well prepared.

My best sellers are the self-phone guarding dogs and the small candle/jewelry holders fired with recycled glass... I can first form the armchairs and maybe a few days later I´ll be able to make the detailed miniature guards also.

These cute collectible minipups are popular too:

Fortunately I´ve still got bigger dogs in stock - as they are real "customer magnets" on my stand ...people notice bigger sculptures first and MAYBE buy something smaller or at least take my business card ( gosh, I have to print out more) so they can visit my homepage later. It´s all about being visible and making new contacts...

I have to show you this photo : Pici - our male mutt is chilling out on the couch...he´s such a great model...and underpaid:)

Ok, I´m back to WORK!!!

Cheers: Szilvia

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