lauantai 10. lokakuuta 2009

Oh my! So much work and so little time...why we need sleeping at all? The most important art fair is in 5 weeks . Do I have anything to sell there - NOOOOO!!! My head is full with ideas, my sketchbook is full with ideas, BUT my calendar is full with custom work...somehow I just have to menage make my own stuff . Flu is killing me ( not piggy:) and yesterday I burnt my fingers, weep-weep. At least now I know that my million dollar fingers are
1. my right index finger AND
2. my right thumb...

OK, I stop whining and show you some pics of my latest works. First of all my very first MOTORCYCLE, yeah!!! It was a custom order and took almost 2 days to make it but I enjoyed it so much! It is technically challenging and made from FIBER CLAY, which means that paper and other fibers were added to the clay. Fibers make the clay more flexible - it is really needed during multiply firings.

Here´s the guy drying out on my shelf.

And here is the finished sculpture , maybe I don´t have to say that I LOVE IT!!!

This much for now. I try to add new pics and share my awful English with you once in a week.

XO: Szilvia

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