perjantai 22. maaliskuuta 2013

sorry for my absence.
I´m ill.
Not all the time, I can work like I used to 
but after a couple of days I´m feeling terribly tired and torn.
Something in my body is crying for help and relief
and no one knows what it is.
Basic blood etc. tests has been done and
everything is "average"

In Finland you have to make
an appointment with a nurse and she will
decide if your problem requires doctor´s attention
or not

One nurse said
the problem might be in between my ears...
in my opinion
she can go and f*** herself
at that moment I suffered from high fever
so I didn´t kick her head off
just walked out

one endocrinologist finally listened to
while I was sobbing like a little child.
She ordered more specific tests
and today came the first invite
of many upcoming hospital appointments
it´s Monday April 22th
21th Sunday is my birthday:)
should I skip the champaigne or
should I have
it on Saturday instead?
After all, you´re 42 only once...
yeah, I´ll definitely raise the glass to good health!!!

It´s much needed because
I can´t stop creating...have you seen my new owls

..and cats ?
hugs: Sissy

10 kommenttia:

  1. I am so glad you were persistent! I have been through this and I know many other woman as well. It is frustrating and depressing to be dismissed and ignored. I went through 3 Drs. for my back, all saying it was the same thing. And I said no way. The last Dr. I went to actually did an MRI and I was right, the other Drs. misdiagnosed. Keep at them Sissy, you know how you should feel, no one else. All my best.

  2. Missy, this is Dr number 3...usually my lucky number:) Drs should simply sit down and LISTEN very carefully. You know, for a split second I did believe it was between my ears.
    I hope your back is back:) to normal...

  3. Hi Sissy. I hope that they are able to pinpoint the issue for you. I know a potter here who has been diagnosed with an "environmental" disease which is related to working with clay. It has been almost 3 years, and he is finally recovering, but will not be able to go back to working with clay. Whatever the results, focus on your own health and wellness. Hugs :)

  4. oh my...I can´t imagine how hard it was for him to give up pottery! I really hope it´s something else in my case....hugs back to you

  5. So sorry you are unwell, Sissy. Hope they figure what is wrong & fix things for you! Happy early birthday [mine is April 29th :)] ... please let us know what you find out. - Karla

  6. Stay positive our little favorite little potter :)

  7. I am positive...actually I can feel a little better every day...I gave up my beloved coffee so I sleep like a baby at 10 pm every night:)