maanantai 29. lokakuuta 2012

not so creative Monday...
or what I do when I´m not "working" :)
this is how my countertop looked
at 9.50 in the morning
 the only thing I like in the *@#! packing process is
drawing silly thank you notes :)
and this is what I hate the most....filling customs labels... 
my first cup of coffee is ice cold at this point
there´s a saying in Finnish:
"kylmä kahvi kaunistaa"
"cold coffee makes you beautiful"...well
I should be Miss Europe by now...
 YES I do love popping bubble wrap:)
don´t you?
 and here´s the first of many ugly little wrappings
I think it´s time to reward myself
with another cup of hot coffee
all wrapped... 3.5 hours later...(but who´s counting?!)
my back is so sore by now
 I´m spending the lunch break in the
living room in the company of my sweet canines
I can´t belive it took almost 2 hours to box
all that stuff 
 it´s 4 pm 
I´m heading to the post office because
int. parcels leave at five
17.30 home again someone should clean off the mess... 
xx Sissy

5 kommenttia:

  1. Aw, thank you Sissy for working so hard with our orders! We appreciate it :-)

  2. you´re very welcome:) ... I do age more rapidly on days like this maybe I should drink more cold coffee ...

  3. oh, you may not like it, but even your packages are works of art - you are an expert at wrapping and keeping everything safe! :-) You are not able to keep art out of anything you do - yay!!

    You know, over here Iced Coffee is the big thing, but I don't see any beauty transformations...

  4. Your efforts are much appreciated! Hugs to you :)

  5. I have a website, so I feel your pain. In the US you can do customs slips on line. Have you ever looked into it for Finland? It's so much easier. carolestitches