keskiviikko 19. syyskuuta 2012

They are talking to me...
argh-argh...back off guys I´m the alpha dog!
oh,  I LOVE´re my Goddess !
 wait...let me try them on first...I prefer the long one please !
 perfect! now make me a scarf...will you ?
oh yeah! I look so cool! 
 hey baby, do you have a boyfriend ? I´m crazy about blonds !
 Ok, say something...yeah, now I can hear much better !
 hahaha...STOP IT you silly woman !
 (I sneezed on this poor guy :)
I most definitely want a raincoat !
oh I look smart ! 
 I think this ball is a bit too large...fortunately my jaws are quite flexible 
 can I keep it ? pleeeeease ?
 baah-baah...whaat abooout uus ?
"relax´re not ready for the kiln yet
you don´t want to blow up do you ?! "
 ¤#"!(/&+* !!! WE WANT GLAZE ! WE WANT GLAZE !
 hi Sissy! will you be making friends for me ?
"oh yeah, don´t worry MiniMe"
xo: Sissy

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  1. Love them all Sissy! Especially the one who has found a sock! :-) I love seeing your work in progress. Tina