torstai 23. elokuuta 2012

Pendant update:

it was the most PERFECT firing - look at these vibrant colors !
After years of experimenting with different glazes - home mixed and ready made - I can finally say that I got a reliable
color palette of 38 ...:)
it might sound much but
for example I use 3 blue/green (+white) glazes to make "sea waves"
I´m so proud of my new cuties:

pine cottages
 Salix fragilis 'Bullata'...ahhh. it´s my all time favorite, fortunately
it´s very common in South Finland,  you can see these lovely round trees everywhere...I call them "bubble trees"
 must have at least one mushroom in every batch
blue cloud 
old form - new color
I glazed some plain white clouds too
 new design: " hilltop cottage" in delicate porcelain
3 w/ colorful little spots
 green hills
 red barn
 blue hills
 this is actually one of my first cottage pendant/ornament designs: the "swinging plot"
I came up with the idea approx. 3 years ago
the form is just about the same, only the size is slightly bigger
The kiln is loaded again with wall globes, house and lighthouse pendants + test tiles, can´t wait to open the lid! I LOVE my wall globes!!! :)

On Friday I´ll smoke fire a couple of little owls and week I´m going to focus on a bigger custom work so it´s better to fill up my Etsy shop before that...

cheers: Sissy

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  1. WOW!WOW!WOW! These are fantastic!

  2. Wonderful colors! I'm in love with all those little houses!

  3. Those are all absolutely adorable and you did an amazing job with the colors PERFECT!


  4. Your miniatures are fantastic! Regards :))