keskiviikko 15. elokuuta 2012

Last weekend I read The Hunger Games...actually I was "eating" it word by word...almost 400 pages in less than 7 hours...mostly night time :)
I ate too fast, my mind is still digesting  - night over night
I can see myself as a hunter, running wild in the woods, climbing in giant trees and looking down to the world...from up there I can see tiny colorful "MyLand" plots , beautiful wild animals and crystal clear lakes...
then I wake up with aching old joints and a very empty stomach! :)

I can´t wait to see the movie - missed the premiere in the spring but the dvd is coming soon...well, it´s a Hollywood movie so I guess there will be mostly tears and smooching teenagers but I must see the world of insanity: starving people in the ghettos, the futuristic Capitol city, the cruel reality show playing with the death of children...and I certainly  hope this is not what the future holds for our children!


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