tiistai 8. toukokuuta 2012

This happy dog is ready to leave chilly Finland

 ...moving to Japan must be quite a cultural shock
but in the company of dog lovers
he´ll be just fine
 Finally I´ve managed to glaze the rest of my
small vases
 ...and I´m trying to make more stuff for the tourist season
like these tiny cabochons
 ...I made a couple of doggie pendants
and rings...

 ...it took 4.5 hours to sculpt these guys (and girls)...
...the hardest part is fitting giant souls into such small bodies:)

Hugs: Sissy

3 kommenttia:

  1. The custom is GORGEOUS! What a very sweet dog. And just love the cabochons!

  2. that happy dog really makes me smile, he's wonderful

  3. Oh Wonderful!!! It is my order "Ayane's Smile"
    Welcome to Japan(^^)

    Thank you,Sissy