perjantai 27. huhtikuuta 2012

I got heart ache...

my earrings:
...her earrings...

the size
the design
even the display


...thanks Edith for sending me the link...
xx Sissy

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  1. oh my. it was a feeble attempt though, hers don't compare. i have never seen anyone come close to the amazing glazes / colors you have on your pieces! but it is disappointing that someone felt they had to do such blatant copying :(

  2. It happens, doesn't it? You'd think people would try to work more originally.

  3. Oh girrrllll, I feel your pain!!! I had a recent blog post about this very thing. What is WRONG with people!!!?!?!? I make house forms too (not earrings) and have admired your earrings for a long time. There is nothing that can be done, they don't know any better, they don't feel remorse and they are idiots!!
    Just make yours better and from your heart. People will know and people want to buy YOUR earrings, not imitations. This drives me crazy. I'm not saying people can't make clay house forms, but when they are clearly direct copies of someone's original idea it is just sooooo irritating!!!!!
    I know all that you are feeling right now :)

  4. Just letting you know that I think yours are wayyyy more special!! It is a real shame that she feels a need to copy, but I love your work much more :)

  5. I agree with Leanne and Missy, your glazes rock! It's a freaky kind of compliment that she likes your work so much she wants to copy it, but it's also a sign that she has no originality. Keep on doing what you do, I think you are super original and LOVE your creations. Don't let her change YOU! Before long she will be copying someone else...

  6. I've admired your houses on etsy but had not seen the others you've shown here. These others are the same color and displayed the same way so definitely seem to be copies. Have you contacted the other maker to ask about this? I mention this because someone blogged about my work saying my work is a copy of theirs when my work is completely different. I make house forms but not house earrings.

    By the way my husband is Finnish, his grandparents immigrated to the United States many years ago. Interesting to see your home town and all the bright colors, what a happy place it seems to be to live. We've never been to Finland but hope to visit there some day.

  7. Hi....I just found you via Tracey Broome.....and yes Rauma is beautiful.

    Blatant copying just seems to go over some people's heads. I knew a guy years ago who saw nothing wrong with copying, he finally got himself thrown out of our coop for not stopping. The weird thing was his own work was so good! I was taught long ago that copying was okay for students as a learning process, but you never claimed it was original, or sold it!

    Does this person sell on Etsy? You might think of consulting their copy/plagiarism rules? This does not look like someone coming to the same conclusion through a different journey. The display and the findings are too close.

    I'm enjoying exploring your blog.

  8. OOOOHHH...hi guys...thanks SO much for being "on my side":) I really didn´t want to write about this issue but I literally felt stabbing pain in my chest when I first saw those tiny earrings...I made my first ever ceramic house back in 2007 when I was just fooling around with know, for an immigrant "house" and "shelter" are pretty much the same thing and my house forms reflect that: the squarish Eastern European cottage is what I left behind - and the simple Finnish barns what I´ve learned to love´s a process that will probably never end... all I know that this is MY JOURNEY therefore these are MY HOUSES !!!LOL
    Tracey- I love your houses...I can almost see your silent meditation while making them
    Linda and smartcat- the person does sell on Etsy and I wrote a friendly mail to her, I hope she will understand her mistake...if not then I will certainly contact ETSY´s just so silly, as we are not talking about a million dollar business:) ( or am I the only poor ceramic artist out there???:)
    Missy, Tina and Leanne - THANKS for being loyal to my stuff
    Hollis- you seem to be a smart and calm guy :)