torstai 15. maaliskuuta 2012

Bad morning...Mini´s amputated toe was examined by a pathologist and she has canine lymphoma...we came home 2 hours ago...should go back to the studio...but I can´t stop the shaking and weeping...there´s no way I could drive the car...

She´s doing well, the wound looks dry and clean and the stiches are gone...she´s a happy little critter with no worries or pain at all...there are no symptoms so there´s nothing to do yet

I´m not good to give up on anything or anyone dear...I´m still dreaming about best friend who died at the age of 17... Leo my first dog...Bobi the cross beagle who died last year...still not strong enough to make a ceramic urn for him...still not brave enough to open the ugly wooden urn...

gosh, most people think I´m sturdy, tough and strong...hell no!

I know it could be´s not my son...not my hubby...not me...

...and I know we will love her to pieces every day!

5 kommenttia:

  1. Oh, no. I am saddened to hear this. My thought are on you. Hoping for the best. I know the struggle of those urns, I have three (my husband, followed almost two years later by both of my dogs
    , within 2 weeks of each other). It is hard. I will the hope for the best of your baby!

  2. Oh this is so sad! It's awful when our pets get sick because they don't understand. You can't discuss it with them, and oh the worst is when it's time to make the Dreaded Decision. Had to do that to my sweet black mutt 6 years ago and I still cry about it when I think to long on it. I know you will spoil her as much as you can until you can't. At least you know she will be forever memorialized in all of your little sculptures she inspired ♥

  3. I am so sorry to hear that this :( I hope that you have some good quality time together still. Big hug...

  4. I am so sorry, this is just heartbreaking to hear. I know how much joy they both bring to you everyday. You have many dog lovers who follow your blog and delight in all that you share of your humorous daily adventures with Pici and Mini and how very much you love them. We just never have enough time with those sweet souls that are our dogs.

  5. Thanks for the support girls! Big hug to everyone. Karla, you´re in my thoughts xx Sissy