tiistai 9. elokuuta 2011

I´m afraid summer is almost over...

the temperature gets lower every day

today it was only 19 celsius in the sun

I might need to grow some fur so I can enjoy

sunbathing like Mini

the dog piglet...or pig doglet:)

I might also need to have a mojito or two with friends

as my first attempt to grow mint is more than successful

as you can see

it´s in flowers...

I thought I didn´t like mint but the scent is really nice

the sun helps me to speed up the drying process
these guys should be in my kiln tonight
no, it´s not a cat, but a sleepy boston terrier...
Mini just loves my company and she´s very good in licking feets too

I did something useful too:

must get rid some of Pici´s loose fur or

most of it will end on my pillow...

I think we should give up these living fur factories...

...or maybe not:)

oh YES I want to give them away!!!

...eh, let them stay for a little while:)

Hugs from me and stinky lickings from the dogs

3 kommenttia:

  1. I´m loving your dogs, they are amazing!

  2. Dogs made ​​by you are very pretty. They look like living! Best wishes and invite you to me.

  3. Is one of your dogs a corgi cross? Looks like it from the picts. I have a corgi who is 16 yrs old now. And two shelties. Love all your art/sculptures!!