lauantai 11. kesäkuuta 2011

soooo many working hours needed

to fill such a small tray:)

New MyLand puzzles...

see? mostly blues and greens:)
...giant strawberry, pear and corn...
...tiny lakes...
...watermelon cottage...ladybug...wormholes...
...tropical crystals...tiny beaches...
...lakes were filled with seed beads this time as

I was too busy for smashing recycled glass...

This is cone 6 stoneware,it matures at 1240 Celsius...

now it´s only 450 C

tick-tack tick-tack

still 18 hours to wait

I hate waiting

UPDATE 6/12 --- list of the reserved pieces:
snowy scene with 2 pines
giant fish lake
orange umbrella
2 "z" shaped paths
random wormholes with birdhouse
4 dressing cabins

Hugs: Sissy

4 kommenttia:

  1. 1AM here, think I will go to sleep! So impatient to see the new myland pieces! Can't wait to see the pirate ship.

    With a bit of luck the smurf will wake me early, so I can see what's new.

    Ninight Sissy!

  2. P.S Groovy I managed to post when not understanding a word of Finnish but Laheta kimmentti sounds like lasciate commento (italian for leave comment) so guessed that be the button to press.

    Ok off to bed before the smurf decides its time for a feed at 2am

  3. Just genious! I love these (too) !

  4. It's so fantastic! I am delighted with your works! Your imagination is amazing.

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