torstai 10. maaliskuuta 2011

Today a friend came over because she needed a BIG HUG from me...
I guess hug is one thing you just cannot live without
It´s so easy to hug someone
especially if she´s cute as a button:
her name is "PiiP" (with long "I" like in the word "beep":)

and this is a beautifully detailed drawing
made by our son
when they went to school together(4 years ago)

Piip is about 6 and she was born in Hungary.

She´s very loud and it´s a bit annoying feature for
a sleeping toy...

She is very active and good in extreme sports...

She´s a ventriloquist, because she has no mouth...

We all love her very much
and I also promised her a new outfit.

Guess what she wants?


Piip inspired me today...

to create these ceramic "soft" toys ...aren´t they huggable:)

xx Sissy

2 kommenttia:

  1. Oh, Sissy, I LOVE Piip! And Martin's drawing is just wonderful -- I can see why you've kept it! Lucky, lucky Piip to have such affectionate and artistic neighbors. :-)


  2. Voi noita naamoja ja masuja, eihän näitä voi olla rakastamatta!