torstai 3. helmikuuta 2011

I unloaded the kiln today -
it was a cone 2 firing for both bisque and glazed dishes
Glazed terracotta votive holders
(LOVE the clouds)
Stoneware MyLand dishes and votive holders after stain bath
(now aren´t they UGLY ?!:)

The kiln is reloaded with
zillions of tiny houses and pendants

...and with some new stuff: porcelain houses
(final size approx. 8x8 cm or 3.2x3.2")

...porcelain is still NOT my favorite clay...
first it feels too soft to handle then it dries out in seconds...
...I dare to say that I hate to work with porcelain clay...but I will surely love the results so must keep trying !!!
Glazing marathon starts on Friday:
80 brown stoneware houses
12 doggie dishes
10 votive holders
over 300 tiny beads and charms
70 MyLand puzzles
etc. etc.
hugs: Sissy

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