keskiviikko 19. tammikuuta 2011

New year - new glazes:
matte deep blue and matte turquoise greenish blue
I love the contrast
between satin matte and glossy colors...
Oh´s MyLand time again!:)
How I´ve missed my tiny cottages!
Day 1...not bad:)

See? NO SNOWY SCENES!!!! Why? Don´t dare to ask me!!!:)

Something old....something new...
maybe too fragile to pack......I guess the heartsy cottage represents ME
yeah, Mini Me´s
trying to spread some love:)
pus-pus: Sissy

6 kommenttia:

  1. Morning Sissy !
    I enjoy looking at your work in progress, I love the brown texture of the clay, just simply beautiful like nature. Nature ?.. oh.. I'm not speaking about what you know, something white, something frozen, something too much... I'm speaking about nature in bloom !!

  2. it´s sooo much easier to remember the bloom in beautiful and WARM France:) Hugs: Sissy

  3. Hi, Sissy...

    Am I the only one who thinks your new blog photo on top resembles the expression on Mini's face on bottom? LOL


  4. Oh. My. Time to break out the credit card again. I love the two pieces I own but this, this is wonderful.

  5. Aliisa --- yeah, she´s my only girl:) so of course we look the same LOL photo is still much more natural than your war-paint make up in your avatar LOL

    Lori --- don´t worry I got plenty of hills on the other SECRET photo I´ll not show here:) I made 5 new votive holders too - one with hill view and two with waterfall!!!...maybe it´s time to call your friends:)