torstai 2. syyskuuta 2010

In my world:

...purses are sky high... and dogs are giants too... you can easily hide a whole village behind them...

In my world teenage rabbits are no bunnies anymore...

...pigs like to dress up...

...I´m able to count sheeps even without wearing my glasses...(1 , 2 :)

...I can hold 3 dogs in the palm of my hand...:)


5 kommenttia:

  1. I read your post
    I thought a long time about your world
    Finally I decided to live in This World !
    Do you know why ?

    I want the sweet pigs to be my neighbours !!

  2. Thanks Els, lickings for Cash!!
    Kiki, Mr and Mrs Pig might be dressed up but they are also wearing Eau de Stinky:)...on the other hand French people love stinky cheese or am I wronge? LOL

  3. Hei! Rakastan lampaita! Voitko pelastaa minua?



  4. Aliisa,

    anteeksi:) I´m very busy saving myself...:) Hali: Sissy