lauantai 10. heinäkuuta 2010

Getting smaller...and smaller...
I wish I could shrink myself too! :)
I´d like to spend a few peaceful days in a miniature cottage like this:

...or enjoy a zen moment on a tiny bench by the lake...

I´ve absolutely NO idea why I made these rings or will they "survive" 2 firings ?
Sometimes feels great to create something just to please myself
I can save my aching muscles
and it also feels like getting
a nice brain massage...:)

Visual proof of the existence of my sweet mutts:
note dog fur permanently sculpted into the ring base...

Gosh, I make so high quality work!!! LOL

Ok, if anyone needs me:
I´m in the garden...collecting and probably eating fresh strawberries
and grooming my rock garden...
...oh, look who moved in:)
Originally bird puke WAS NOT part of the installation
...but now it is :)

Hugs: Sissy

3 kommenttia:

  1. so funny to see dog fur "permanently sculpted" into your work.
    [happens in my house, too....]

    would love to shrink and live in one of your houses, by a lake, on a bench, etc., etc.....]

  2. Sissy, PLEASE make/save me one of those wonderful cottage rings!!! (With a red cottage, please.)


  3. I love those rings! they're amazing!!