lauantai 22. toukokuuta 2010

Modern Cinderella


Selecting glass chips

( this Cinderella is not too pretty wearing safety googles:)

Filling bisque pendants:

there´s no exact rules how much chips you should use

it´s something you´ll never learn...


After hard work, this Cinderella spent a few minutes in sunny garden

She had to get rid of dead roses:(
they died because of extra chilly winter...
But look! I think this darling little rose will survive!


Grow Rosie, GROW!

My mossy rock sanctuary looks quite good,

most of the moss has dried out but baby moss is growing through, I can clearly see it!

Also my sweet succulents are in full bloom

Here´s the whole thing, I LOVE IT !!!

I saw a rare animal in our backyard: a Tasmanian Devil...

...or was it our beauty pageant Mini ?
( her ears are always down on every photo - she is much "doggier" with her ears up)
Here he was listening to our new "bagless" extra supey dupey vacuum cleaner we bought finally today...
...I had to leave the house also... let my hubby play with his new toy...
...and my ears are very sensitive as well:):)

When our dog look somewhat smaller in the grass... can mean only one thing...´s time for dusting off the grass trimmer...sigh!

...but NOT TODAY: I need an additional day (or two) to admire the first real spring flowers

Hugs: Sissy

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  1. Hello Szilvia !
    Happy spring has arrived in Finland, enjoy !