keskiviikko 12. toukokuuta 2010

Doggie Vase Update
The Gang
Oooooooh Birdie mioooooo.....

Twice buried rotten bone...mmm, delicious !

Sexy Boy...

Dude, where´s your ride?

I´ll list these guys to my shop soon...
New stuff :
stoneware accessoires for miniature gardens...
(the pot is for myself...)

...of course these will look much better after glazing...
...and look what else I made for poor old me !!!

"Hello Sissy"

I´ll love to drink my coffee from this cup!

hugs: Sissy Brighteye:)

4 kommenttia:

  1. Hello everyone, there is a problem, I love you ALL !
    Szilvia, I'm really glad you made this cup for you ! A gorgeous gift, you deserved it !

  2. Ooooohh!!! I need the pug vase, some garden benches, a pool or two, some more houses, a birdbath..... Oh, Sissy! Why can't I be your ONLY customer???

    Hugs to your self and your eyeball.


  3. OMG! Your dog vases are amazing!!! And I LOVE seeing your creations before they are completely finished. There is obviously so much work that goes into them. And the mug is awesome!!!
    We love our Chunky sculpture. :)

  4. Thanks MC! Sometimes I´m just "wasting" time making stuff for myself...

    Alice! We can make a deal - I tell you how much $$$$$ I need per month, you pay it and I make you whatever you wish?! LOL!!!

    Lauren! Enjoy admiring clay Chunky and don´t forget to call me about your hubby´s sculpture:)