sunnuntai 11. huhtikuuta 2010

Sunny Sunday

No fresh snow for the last 8 days:) I want to belive that spring is finally here. This afternoon I spent almost 3 hours in the garden , collecting dead leaves, trimming berry shrubs and building " my new outdoor photo studio" :)

the moss garden...

Why? Because I want to take photos like this:

Candy Houses in stoneware

Of course I needed MOSS - it wasn´t a problem as it grows in the shades, under our old pine tree ( this is the exact spot where our dogs...hmmm...ok, it´s their toilet:)

Removing Sphagnum moss

Poor moss was hungry after long winter, so I searched the fridge for moss food...I hope this strawberry flavoured yoghurt drink will do the trick :

Sorry moss, it´s low-fat, I hope you don´t mind !
(I´m sure Kate Moss would go for it !:)

Placing moss on yammy yoghurty stones ...I had to cover the stones very quickly...

..because my little assistant is obsessed with yoghurt...and with fresh strawberries...and with strawberry yoghurt...or with any kind of food at all!!!:)

Ok, it´s almost done but I will continue working on it later. I´m planning to grow a nice moss carpet around the stones and I will make colourful ceramic flower sticks for decoration.


But now I must return to the butt´s freezing!!!

See that white stuff on the left...yeah, it´s SNOW !!!

Hugs: Szilvia

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